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Heavy duty rack

detailed description:

Form a shelf heavy warehousing shelves, also known as the crossbeam type goods shelves, or the cargo shelf, which belongs to the kind of pallet racks, is one of the most popular, the most economical, safe and convenient, suitable for all kinds of warehouse, direct access to the goods is the most simple and most widely used shelf. Can make full use of space. The convenient tray access method is adopted to effectively cooperate with the forklift loading and unloading, which greatly improves the working efficiency. Load weight 1 tons -5 tons,


The surface electrostatic spray, Beijing heavy shelves is rust proof and anti corrosion ability is stronger, high safety coefficient, inserting type combination, no screws and welding, assembly is convenient. Dimensions can be with the book with do. Make full use of space, improve storage capacity, can be designed according to customer requirements.

The whole assembly structure is simple and effective in the form of column piece + beam. According to the characteristics of the storage unit container equipment installation such as: every file, steel plate (laminated wood), a wire mesh layer, warehousing cage guide, drum rack etc. functional accessory. To meet the different forms of the goods storage unit container equipment.

Heavy shelf structure features:

Smooth inventory turnover, can provide one hundred percent of the selection ability. The average rate of increase of pickup. In the domestic variety of storage shelves in the system is the most common form of a shelf. Cold rolled deformed steel production, by Kaiping, longitudinal shear, bending forming, welding reinforcement.

Must first container unit of work is goods packing and weight and other characteristics were trays, tray to determine the types, specifications, size and single supporting load and high stack (single supporting the weight of the goods general less than 2000kg), and thus determine the span of a shelf unit, depth, and the distance between layers, according to the warehouse roof along the highly effective and forklift fork of maximum high determine shelf height. Shelf unit span is general in less than 4m, depth is less than 1.5m, low and high warehouse shelves height in the 12m or less, ultra high warehouse shelves height in general less than 30m (such warehouses are basically for automated warehouse shelf, total height is composed of some 12m within the column).

Such warehouse, low, high warehouse is mostly used forward type battery forklift, counterbalanced forklift truck, three to the forklift to access and shelf shorter also available electric pile high machine, ultra high warehouse stacker for access. The space utilization rate of the shelf system is high, and the access is flexible and convenient, and the computer management and control can be used to meet the requirements of modern logistics system.

Scope of application:

Heavy shelf has the advantages of low cost, safe and reliable, assembly and disassembly are convenient and simple; for in artificial access, each layer of the standard effective bearing over 800kg. Suitable for manual access box of goods, or and parts box, turnover box supporting loading scattered heavy goods. Widely used in manufacturing, third party logistics and distribution centers and other fields, it is suitable for many varieties of small quantities of goods, but also applies to a small variety of large quantities of goods. This kind of goods shelves in high warehouse and super high warehouse in the most applications (automated warehouse shelves are mostly used in this class). In addition, in order to improve the utilization rate of space, will reduce the width of the channel, with a special push high exercise on the track, and the storage of vertical space, which has become alleys rack.

Standard Specification for heavy duty rack columns

Heavy shelf column using high-quality cold-rolled steel plate by roll forming and the vertical post is composed of 80 90 x 60 (70) ohm type steel surface washed diamond hole member, beam is composed of 80 x 50 x 50-120 * 50-140 x 50 hold beam is welded and connected with the pendant and, general tray instead of plate convenient forklift. Column can be up to 6 meters and no seams in the middle, beams use high-quality steel, bearing, is not easy to deform, the insertion pendant between beam and column for cylindrical projections, reliable connection, easy assembly and disassembly, and use the nail, to prevent the forklift when the work will provoke a beam; all the shelves of the surface were processed by pickling, phosphating, electrostatic spraying process, anticorrosion and beautiful appearance. The column plate and processed into semi-finished products after the shot blasting rust and oil removal can be carried out with. Completed package delivery. Commonly used specifications are: 55 x 47 x 2.0mm dedicated shelf column profiles. Adopt high quality



Strip by Kaiping, automatic rolling mill, punch press, and then cut off according to customer specified height. The beam is made of cold rolled P type closed beam, specifications are: 50 x 30, 60 x 40, 80 x 50 three specifications. Is a kind of cold bending industry designed for the production of standard products. After the repurchase according to customer size material, welding rack connected with a special column to catch, can form a semi-finished grinding.