I have a company can provide actual situations and drawing design plan according to the shelf.

Related to customers use and maintenance personnel for technical training, products officially put into use, we are responsible for for users to use and maintenance personnel on site training for the actual operation, the specific time the two sides negotiated.

Were normal in the use of the product are periodically and timely feedback, we will to products that are sold regularly walk visits or telephone follow-up survey, to know what is the use and quality, also will return results to the timely feedback to the general manager's office, the in a timely manner in order to refine and improve, reaching the purpose of customer satisfaction. In the normal use of customers, the overall shelf serious distortions, ten years back to the factory free repair, can not repair the place, free replacement. Shelf overturning, rupture and other quality accidents, the factory is responsible for all the losses of the customer. If due to illegal use of customers, the goods are placed beyond the provisions of the weight of the hanging cracks, shelf beam deformation can not be normal use, the factory is responsible for the maintenance of life, appropriate to charge cost maintenance costs. Such as the day I received a telephone repair company has arrived at the scene within 24 hours to specify solutions, and inform the disposal of time.

Have a general, overall sales service is one of the basic elements of a bottom-up and development company, including after-sales service should seriously particularly, it is distinguish with other signs, is a useful tool for the cultivation of credibility, the company employees must always adhere to and implement; executive service opinion and try our best to improve customer satisfaction. And clearly stipulates that the purpose is: the company is not only selling goods, more important is the service.

Have a commitment to service management regulations:

First, delivery, maintenance, replacement, replacement parts, no fee shall be charged.

Two, shall not be charged with cigarettes, fruit and other property.

Three, received a service call should be promptly on-site service, the service can not be immediately, should be immediately given a reply, and the appointment time to come on time, not more than 24 hours.

15, after the appointment with the customer, must be four minutes in advance to reach the destination.

Five, do not dispute with the customer.

Six, must be polite, patient, do not bother to customer questions, but can not prevarication on customer behavior.

Seven, received a call to be taken seriously, make a record, can not let the customer is not satisfied or have any complaints.

Eight, try to meet the needs of all the customer's feasibility.

Nine, the purchase of new products to the customer must be carefully explained and used for its demonstration until the customer to understand so far.

Ten, found that the company's products have problems must be offered to repair.

Eleven, the staff should take the initiative to promote our service content and service phone and actively promote the content of complaints and complaints.

Twelve, maintenance should be efficient, fast, the requirements of the door should be fully equipped, skilled, one-time fix.

Thirteen, outside the working hours, should give customers respond to the reply and in 24 hours to the door for their services.

Fourteen, the century Wei Zhuo outside the products to provide paid services.

Fifteen, home maintenance must respect the customer's habits.

Sixteen, every month should regularly visit 30 or more customers, and receive advice and suggestions.

Seventeen, in public places on behalf of the company, the requirements of the image of good, good service, natural expression, dress neatly, so that customers are satisfied with the final.

Eighteen, the evaluation of the company's service marks: the worst employee service for scoring standards.

Nineteen, the staff after delivery service feedback card please sign back to the customer.

Twenty, if the customer complaints, once verified, the company will give the parties re.