All the product design and quality control has been certified by ISO9001:2000 system, the manufacturing and installation of the rack are in line with the relevant requirements and the relevant standards, as follows:

Country and industry standards

1 shelf manufacture CECS23:90 "steel shelf structure design code"

2 surface treatment 5323-91 JB/T "steel structure shelf technology conditions"

3 rack installation JBJ9-87 "steel structure design code"

4 acceptance criteria GB8932, GB9266-88

5 product material Q235

6 link spiral JB/T5323-91

7 strength standard profile SS400 sheet SPCC

Storage shelf internal control standard

One, high, low layer steel structure shelf quality control standards

1 scope of application:

This standard set the company to manufacture high, low layer steel structure in the production process of quality requirements.

2 shelf quality requirements:

2.1 after welding or assembling the structure parts must meet the requirements of the material structure size and the processing precision.

2.1.1 the accuracy of the welding or assembling of the various parts of the rack plate shall be in accordance with the following requirements:

A. shelf chip full height limit deviation +2.5mm;

B. shelf chip width limit deviation +2mm;

C. each layer of the beam height size limit deviation mm +1.5;

D. shelf chip floor height limit deviation mm +1.5;

E. each connecting plate height dimension limit deviation mm +1.5;

The deviation of the lateral and the internal and external bending deviation should be less than 2/1000, and the height of the shelf is higher than F.;

Column verticality G. shelf piece and the bottom plate is not less than 0.5 mm in the height range of 500;

H. shelf piece along the lane edge length and width direction of the vertical shelf chip is less than 12 mm for 10 mm, greater than 12 mm for 15 mm.

Material quality requirements for each component of 2.1.2 rack: shelf sheet using the 16Mn steel GB700-88 Q235 steel or GB1591 for environmental temperature is equal to or below - 20 DEG C shelf structure must use the q235-d grade steel and 16Mn shall be - 40 DEG C than impact testing of the assurance of conformity with. surface of steel corrosion, pitting or scratches profound shall not be greater than half the thickness of the material with negative tolerance value and the fracture due to delamination defects. shelf component steel cutting piece should be corrected after correction of the steel surface should not have obvious concave and damage. component under the material should be checked by a piece of steel straightness, the straight line is not greater than the 2/1000 under the material length. steel material under the material should ensure that the accuracy of the material and cut neatly (end face and the axis of the center line) in order to ensure the punching, welding, installation quality.

A. under the material after the component should be strictly control the cumulative error, so as not to affect the quality of installation.

B. shelf plate column to allow the length of manufacturing, the strength of the original component shall not be less than the overall strength of the joint position shall not affect the shelf life of the cross beam and the cross beam.

C. fasteners with high strength bolts in accordance with the provisions of GB1231-91 or GB3622-363383.

D. shelf piece and the support rod should be the mould making, all bolts Kong Junxu mould sleeve hole is drilled or punched in, does not allow installation hole. The connecting bolt of the supporting rod piece is not small 2 pairs at each end.

E. all the material under the mouth, punching, drilling edge does not allow a more obvious burr.

3 quality requirements for welding of shelf components:

3.1 electrode selection

A. manual welding welding rod used in line with the provisions of the GB5117-5118-95, the selection of the electrode model should be used to adapt to the main metal strength.

B. automatic welding and semi-automatic welding using welding wire should be in line with the provisions of GB/T14957-14958-94, the selection of welding wire and flux should be suitable for the main metal.

C. carbon dioxide gas protection welding wire shall be in accordance with the provisions of GB8110-95.

3.2 component welding

A. welding groove shall conform to GB985-986-88 regulations.

B. surface of weld metal for welding wave should be uniform, shall not have cracks, slag, slag, burning wear, arc pit and acicular blowholes etc. defects, welding area is not attached splashes.

C. weld surface does not allow air holes, the bite depth is not more than 0.5mm, the total length of the total length of the weld shall not exceed 10%.

D. butt weld and fillet weld size limit deviation should comply with the relevant provisions of the GBJ205-83, to prevent deformation.

4 shelf assembly quality requirements:

A. column, beam, support rod, connecting plate in strict accordance with the drawing process, to ensure that the size accuracy of less than 1mm, and check whether there are cracks in the bend.

B. column, beam, support rod, the connection plate under the punch after the punch and detect flatness, symmetry, displacement degree.

C. check the column and the column card, connecting pieces of the misalignment degree, cross beam welding should be perpendicular to the parallel, symmetrical error can not be greater than 0.5mm.

5 coating quality requirements of shelf components:

Derusting and painting work should be said in the quality inspection departments of the components of bad hair making quality inspection qualified rear can be.

A. steel surface rust before coating shall be handled in accordance with the provisions, the steel after surface treatment should be consistent with the requirements of ST2.

B. steel surface rust primer to time shall not exceed 6h, before painting painted surface no rust or paint.

C. when painting the ambient temperature should be in 5-38 relative humidity should be less than 85%, rainy days in the component surface condensation not operating. To prevent rain 4h paint.

D. the coating should be uniform, bright, color consistent, does not allow no blistering, peeling, cracking, flow hanging, impurity dirty and so on.

E. paint film adhesion should not be less than 2 of the requirements of the GB9286-88.

6 packaging, transportation and storage quality requirements:

6.1 packaging and transportation

A. shelf piece or assembled parts must have dedicated to the fixed bracket and packaging, shelf should side is better than the fixed bracket cup tied and hanging point should be clearly marked for the lifting and loading.

B. shelf pieces or assemblies in the lifting process, does not allow collision damage