1, have a shelf or factory assembly should be carried out before the unit installed in the factory;

Were 2, before installation of embedded parts with shelves or pre drilling testing, testing qualified to carry out the overall installation.

Shelf floor flatness should be consistent with the provisions of the 7.1 ZBJ83015-88 in the.

B) using expansion bolts to install the shelf, should be expected to require marking the hole, the hole should be accurate on the axis of its provisions to ensure that the hole distance, the error is not greater than +2

C) the shelves of the same layer joist or beam height deviation by level or scale on the joist or the top surface of the beam direct measurement, deviation is less than 5

D) shelf vertical height deviation from the top of the shelf with a plumb method to measure, the lower shelf maximum vertical deviation should be no greater than the high 1 / 120, top shelf of the maximum vertical deviation not more than 1 / 1000 of all high, the deviation of absolute value shall not be greater than 10 mm.

Were 3, delivery, maintenance, replacement, replacement parts, shall not charge any fees