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The company can provide the actual situations and drawing design plan according to the shelf.

Have 1 professional - the company has strong professional level and process for the production plan

Have 2 - site technical personnel on-site exploration warehouse, spot size

3 were planning: according to customer demand plan warehouse, design scheme

Have a 4 scheme to provide complete logistics shelf solutions

With strong technical force and advanced production equipment, the company quality were 5

Have a 6 price -- by the Department of comprehensive cost accounting to provide the most favorable price

The 7 review by the customer to have a final solution and quotation by examining

Have 8 contracts signed a sales contract with the customer

9 were assigned production tasks according to production plan, technical department issued production tasks

Have 10 production - production according to the material production

Have a 11 - product inspection company to inspect qualified storage

Have 12 - outbound products according to the delivery, the inventory of the goods from the warehouse administrator

Have 13 products transportation company is equipped with a variety of large, medium and small truck

Have 14 customers sign: engineering installation, acceptance of completed orders