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Electrostatic spray process and description

1 grit blasting

Shotblast derusting

2 fuel drying pretreatment (automatic) and high crack resistance, and not sticky back.

3 electrostatic spray coating (automatic)

4 fuel oil solid dry curing (automatic) 5, water resistance, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, insulation are better.

5 lower part (automatic)

Brief introduction of electrostatic spray process

1, the principle of language:

Electrostatic spray gun and being coated formed between a high voltage electrostatic field, the general work connected with the anode, mouth spray gun for negative high voltage, when the electric field strength E0 is sufficient, the air near the muzzle is produced corona discharge, ionize the air, Dangtu grain through the muzzle with charge become charged particles, in the corona discharge zone, further air ionization and combined again discharge and under the effect of high voltage electrostatic field, to the polar opposite is painted work movement and deposition on the surface of the workpiece to form a uniform coating.

Have 2 characteristics:

2.1 paint utilization greatly improved: electrostatic coating particles by the electric field effect of the electric field is adsorbed on the working surface, significantly reduce the dispersion and rebound.

2.2 improve labor productivity.

2.3 to increase the quality of the products: charged particle in an electric field effect on the workpiece discharge deposition and will according to the electronic line awarded produce environmental effects by settings of the spray gun and spray parameters adjustment, can obtain uniform, smooth, smooth, plump coating to high-grade decoration.

Were 3, the quality of coating:

Coated work strictly according to the provisions of the process, by removing grease, rust, drying and curing (temperature of 180 DEG C to about 200 DEG C, relative humidity is not more than 85%) process; workpiece coating should be uniform, thickness should be not less than 50 microns, coating surface should be clean, smooth, uniform in color, does not allow bubble, fall off, cracking, mixed with impurities; coating strength by 50kg resistant shock or scratch on the surface of test conform to specified requirements.