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Features and uses of the shelf

information source: release time:2016-06-15 CLICKS:1202

Shelf is one of the most commonly used shelves, each bearing more than 500Kg, known as heavy shelves. Heavy shelves have good picking efficiency, storage shelves can be heavier items, but the storage density is low. Heavy shelves, also known as the pallet rack, with heavy load, a wide range of high adaptability, mechanical access, select the characteristics of high efficiency, but the space utilization.

Widely used in manufacturing, third party logistics and distribution centers and other fields, it is suitable for many varieties of small quantities of goods, but also applies to a small variety of large quantities of goods. This kind of goods shelves in high warehouse and super high warehouse in most applications (automated warehouse shelves are mostly used in this type of goods shelves).

A variety of items can be stored, with the various types of accessories, and all kinds of accessories, can solve the problem of access to the vast majority of materials.

1, usually by cargo pallets, storage cage unit container equipment stored in storage shelves. Load per unit is generally less than 4000kg, each layer is usually placed two units.

Heavy duty rack

2, is the most common and widely used one of the shelves, suitable for the vast majority of warehouses or products used in goods.

3, with 100% of the goods to choose from any of the characteristics. Handling machinery such as forklift can arrive at an arbitrary location for storage, storage and convenient operation, quick!

4, mechanical handling equipment for storage operations.

5, shelf unit span is general in less than 4m, depth is less than 1.5m, low and high warehouse shelves height in the 12m or less, ultra high warehouse shelves height in general less than 30m (such warehouses are basically for automated warehouse shelf, total height is composed of some 12m within the column).

6, the 75mm can be an integer multiple of the freedom to adjust the height of each layer.

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