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Shelf design specification and fire protection requirements

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A. the shelves in the design process to note that maximum utilization of placing the shelves and suitable for handling easy easy, storage equipment selection is from the view of economy and efficiency, comprehensive consideration of various factors to determine the most suitable type of equipment.

1 cargo characteristics

The main characteristics are: the size of goods, the weight of goods, the storage of goods, the shape and size of the storage, the weight of the storage goods directly affect the choice of the strength of the material.

2 access characteristics

The main character of accessing a storage density, advanced first out and storage management. General access and storage density is relative also is to say, in order to get a higher storage density, it must be the relative expense of articles access. Although some types of rack can get better storage density, but the relative to its storage management more complex, often cannot achieve advanced first out of control. Only the three-dimensional automatic warehouse can be up to the development, access and storage density is superb, but the relative investment cost is more expensive. So we choose what type of storage devices, can be said to be a compromise of all kinds of factors, but also a strategy of application.

3 in and out of the library

The entry number must follow: advanced first out, access frequency and access quantity. Most of the types of data frame although good storage density, but into the library quantity is not high, suitable for in low frequency. High into the storage capacity is very important data, the storage rack equipment type selection considering the purview.

4 handling equipment

Handling equipment mainly has: counterweight type, cross vertical, channel width, the lifting height, weight lifting and rotating radius. Storage device access operation is to handling equipment to complete. Therefore the selection of storage equipment needs to be considered in conjunction with handling equipment. Stacker is a general handling equipment, and rack channel width, direct influence to pile high machine of type selection, is a counterweight or narrow type.

5 warehouse architecture

Warehouse architecture is: highly available, beam position, the floor condition and fire facilities. Storage equipment selection should be taken into account in the beam effective height and heavy shelves to determine the height of the bracket material. While beam column position effects rack configuration. Floor bearing strength, levelling the ground also with rack design and installation about. Furthermore, we need to consider the fire facilities and lighting facilities installation position in order to facilitate the design repository.

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B. storage shelf fire requirements

In recent years, in order to speed up the circulation of commodities and create economies of scale for the purpose of the functions of handling, sorting, processing, packaging, storage, distribution and other development, large scale storage shelves, logistics distribution building appear constantly, this kind of building is different from the single function of the production or storage buildings, the fire is still lack of the current specification requirements the fire protection design of this kind of architecture, need to supplement and improve the situation. In the "code for fire protection design of buildings reasonably determine the fire safety requirements, so as to meet the needs of construction and can ensure the fire safety, Fire Protection Bureau of the Ministry of public security is organized around the fire brigade to conduct research on the region of all kinds of logistics distribution building. The drafting unit and for" architectural design code for fire protection "(Ministry of public security of Tianjin Fire Research Institute) put forward logistics building fire safety design requirements (attached), ask for advice, In order to provide a reference for the further revision and improvement of the specification.

Between 1, loading and unloading (sorting) operation area and storage area should take the fire separation measures, and loading and unloading (sorting) operation area and storage area of the structure stress system should be relatively independent, ensure when the fire not as for the collapse of the whole; Xu handling (sorting) operation area of fireproof subarea maximum allowable construction area can be 50016-2006 table 3.3.1 in class C plant is determined with reference to the current national standard "code for fire protection design of buildings" (GB; storage area of maximum allowable covers an area of and fireproof partition maximum allowable construction area can refer to the existing national standards "building fire protection design code table 3.3.2 note 4 shall be determined.

The fire resistance rating of 2, the logistics distribution center construction should not be lower than the secondary. Steel structure warehouse shelves logistics distribution center should be using reinforced concrete column, or of steel column with outsourcing deposited fireproof material, but also reach the rules and regulations of corresponding refractory limit using a combination of coating and outsourcing deposited fireproof material.

3, loading and unloading (sorting) operation area and storage area of the number and width of the safety exit, evacuation distance, evacuation stairs, etc., should meet the existing "building design fire code" class C plant and warehouse of the relevant provisions.

4, loading and unloading (sorting) operation area and storage area should be in accordance with the existing national standard "building design fire protection code" set up the automatic fire extinguishing system, automatic alarm system and smoke exhaust facilities.

5, the logistics distribution center warehouse shelf construction should be set fire ring road should be at least in 1 / 4 of a long side or peripheral length and not less than a long side length within the scope of the layout of fire rescue and should be in the fire fighting surface within the scope of set straight outdoor stairwell or entrance, fire fighting side with at least 15 ~ 18m can expand fire operation of open space.

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